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what to do in case of emergency

Friday, October 2, 2009

our casero, who waters the lawn and generally takes care of our rental house when it's unoccupied, is also the night-time ambulance driver in our little town. that's the kind of place this is, the town plumber is probably also the pizza maker and traffic cop.

anyways, our casero told me when we first moved here that the emergency number is 107. i dutifully wrote it down and committed it to memory. we have an emergency, we call it, someone helps us. that's the idea. we just have to be sure to specify what town we live in, because sometimes the call gets redirected to another town...

it turns out that 107 is actually a direct line to the hospital, or the police station, depending on your luck.

my partner f. now works with the director of the town hospital. whenever he has to call the director, he's been told to just dial 107 and they'll put him in touch. yes, that means that the director uses the emergency number as his 'office' number, or something like that.

the problem is, the last bunch of times that f. has tried to call him, he doesn't get the hospital, but the police station.  

- comisarĂ­a, answers the voice on the other end of the line.
- oh, i was trying to reach the hospital.
- no, this is the police station.
- oh, i dialled 107, to reach the hospital.
- no, this is the police station.
- oh, how can i reach the hospital?
- sorry, this is the police station.

so f. sets off to the hospital and delivers his message to the director in person.

i say, good thing we all have lots of extra time, live really close to the fire station, and have plenty of other ways to get to the hospital...


Bobcat said...

trying to post a comment again here... don't know if it's my computer (highly possible!), or this blog system.

anyway, your posts about your little town are so interesting and hilarious. i can't wait to come and visit you there. crazy stuff!

love you.

Bobcat said...

yeahoo! it worked.

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