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24th annual women's gathering in argentina

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

this weekend is the annual women's gathering in argentina. this year, it's in tucuman, and twenty thousand women are expected to go from all over the country.

it's a major feminist happening, argentina style - which i guess will mean fabulous street art, lots of mate to go around, kick-ass analyses, way too much fragmentation, and planned ultra-catholic attempts to obstruct the gathering and pray for the gatherers.

in the list of 55 workshops (in spanish), topics include reproductive rights, work, violence, religion, poverty, housing, education, health, prostitution, arts and culture, sexuality, politics, economics and the list goes on.

i would LOOOOOVE to go - to meet people, hear them talk, be inspired, see if there is anyone from my province.

(not to add to whatever critics and fragmentations are out there, especially since i really know nothing about the gathering other than what i've found online, but i note that there are no workshops on motherhood, on the struggle for the right to a natural pregnancy and birth, and on the dozen or so topics that i can think of related to bringing up feminist kids and creating feminist spaces for them. maybe if i were there i would find those topics, and i would be thrilled to talk to others about how they understand these issues, to hear about their strategies and their frustrations.)

depending on where the gathering is held next year, i'll try to go. i'm sure kids are welcome :)

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