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media reform in argentina

Monday, October 19, 2009

the battle for a new media law here in argentina has been won! i mentioned it in passing, but didn't write about it much because my one-handed, blogging-while-nursing posts couldn't do it justice.

i still can't, but will point you to this article (in english) which sums things up and includes a great map of media ownership.

the law in force from the time of the dictatorship until now explicitly prohibited non-profits, universities and community organizations from receiving broadcasting licenses. if you think that sounds impossible to justify, i wish i had the time to translate all of the unbelievable BULLSHIT being spouted by - go figure - almost all the media.

the end of your favourite media monopoly = the end of freedom
help save the media monopoly!!

if i could collect, translate and analyze some aspect of this enormous pile of bullshit, i might have myself a decent phd project.

but that takes me away from my strategic hope that i will do a phd in something somehow related to community health. or does it? media literacy and community health are surely connected, but would it be too big a leap to actually be helpful in a concrete community kind of way? hmmm.

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