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it's mothers' day in argentina

Sunday, October 18, 2009

happy mothers' day to me!  it's mothers' day here in argentina.

alas, f. has a cough, the two little guys have coughs & colds & mild fevers, and my mom is starting out her visit here with a cough and some antibiotics. woe is me!

f. and i have always been terrible at celebrating things anyways. birthdays, anniversaries, christmas, chanukah, hallowe'en, we always do less than we'd like, or nothing at all. all these days seem to creep up on us and surprise us when we are least able to muster the energy and creativity to do anything. every time another Day rolls around, we pledge to do better next time.

but all is not lost. in a moment of inspiration and aided by our unusually well-stocked fridge, f. put together some crepes and fruit salad (yum!) and the monster recited his little school poem to me (awwwwww):

mamita querida
de mi corazón
yo te quiero mucho
con todo mi 

i also am getting hugs and cuddles and it's a beautiful, sunny day. if i'm lucky i will be treated to a nap this afternoon. can't really ask for more than that!

two asides:
interpares is a very cool social justice organization with a great mothers' day campaign. if they do it again next may, consider sending your peace & justice greetings through them.

argentina has a Day for everything: brother-in-law day, veterinarian day, pharmaceutical salesperson day... it can get pretty bizarre.

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Julie said...

happy mothers day! and yay for crepes and fruit salad, hugs and cuddles! ...and NAPS!!! xo

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