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post-travel reflections

Thursday, October 15, 2009

i'm just back from 2 days in buenos aires, such a very cool, funky, and totally unlivable city. i really love it there, for a bunch of reasons, but this time around i  couldn't do much of anything, between taking care of the monkey and my mom who just flew in for a visit (so far so good, mostly).

after an all-night bus ride and complete exhaustion, here are a few random thoughts:
  • yay for luxurious bus travel, 'VIP' style - not just fully reclinable seat/beds, dinner and a bad movie, but champagne, whisky, decent pillows & blankets...
  • hooray for the fact that the monkey is such a superstar traveler - sleeping, being cute, playing, pooping, eating and nursing at the most convenient and least troublesome times and places, more or less...
  • argentina is more of an alloparenting society than canada - despite all the smoking in public places, bus crowds that make babywearing a bit too squishy for comfort, really icky 'girl' culture, and totally inapproporiate daytime TV. i'll have to make a list of all the ways parenting and small kids are smiled upon and supported here...
  • i'm really looking forward to the day i can have a few Hours, not minutes, all to myself.  i'm really really really looking forward to it.

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Julie said...

champagne and whiskey?!! nice!
glad the trip went well.
i hope the visit with your ma continues to go well... (though i'm curious to hear the reason for "mostly".

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