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nursing my toddler - part 2

Friday, October 16, 2009

well, my resolve to make some changes to my nursing relationship with the monkey has kind of been thwarted by a minor bout of something - mild fever and throat blisters - and now a cough and some more teething.

when my kids are sick, i say all bets are off, and we cuddle, nurse, sleep all tangled up, eat what feels good and watch DVDs on the computer. sometimes this makes it harder to get back on track, but what else can you do? 

the monkey hasn't been eating barely at all, so it's nurse nurse nurse for now.

aside from that little update, i thought i would also share some other breastfeeding-related news:
  • i came across the stats reading an excellent series about nestle and its evil ways at PhD in Parenting. i grew up boycotting nestle and still do, but i hadn't kept up with all the details of its corporate madness. the series also shares lots of related information about breastfeeding, the formula industry, advertising, the health care profession and just so very much to get outraged about and say 'noooo! how can this be????'
  • i just found out about this october carnival of breastfeeding on what i wish i'd known. october 19th is the deadline for submissions and the carnival will be posted on the 26th. if my little coughers & hackers in this house give me a break at some point, then i will try to submit something. you should too!


Julie said...

you are going to be very unhappy about this...
i came here to read your new post and found that you had posted Google Ads. Guess what the first one that came up was? NESTLE!!!

macondo mama said...

ack! i knew this was going to be a problem. nestle and walmart and harsh disciplining techniques and so many things that i don't want anything to do with. i'm thinking of either getting rid of the ads, or putting some text before them that somehow counteracts their message. what do you think? capitalism, eh?

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