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about macondo mama

I am a mother, a wife, a feminist lefty, a Canadian living in Argentina, a big-city girl living in the jungle.

This blog is my online journal and procrastination outlet of choice.

I write about motherhood, my kids, adapting to life in a wacky, small town in Argentina, bilingualism, possible PhD ideas, occasional soul-searching, news and politics, and probably some other things I haven't thought of yet.

I would like to be witty and brilliant, to write with insight and punch. Instead, I am dorky and long-winded and a little bit all over the place.

Here are two lists I made:

I am:
  • A mama of two boys - a toddler I call monkey and a kindergartener I call monster. I'm into home-birthing, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, baby-wearing and half-assed ECing, but will soon no longer be doing any of these. 
  • Lucky lucky lucky to share my life and my family with Macondo Papa.
  • A translator, editor, researcher and teacher for hire.
  • Into social sciences. I like reading about discourse and power, resistance and social movements, media, communication, foreign and ecological debt, corporate power, Latin American history, cultural politics, gender, social memory, global economics, geopolitics.
  • Panic-struck and anxiety-ridden when asked to be artistic or creative or to show initiative in anything non-academic. To the point of tears or fleeing the scene - often whichever is most embarrassing.
  • Both more confident and more vulnerable than I ever imagined I would be.

 I have been:
  • A solo backpacker.
  • A pothead.
  • A mediocre figure skater.
  • Bullied, terribly.
  • So so shy that I couldn't say my name out loud.
  • Hospitalized for accidents and insect-related incidents, numerous times, all over the world.
  • So sick and alone that I thought there would have to be an international search for my remains.
  • A bookworm, a truant, a straight-A student, a science nerd and a math failure.

So there you have it - me. Feel free to say hello, or just come by for a read.
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