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two moments with the monster

Thursday, June 18, 2009

you came home from school and opened up your 2nd package from your bubby (1st one was a ball and mitt), grabbed a piece of sidewalk chalk and we went outside to draw. i wrote your name, then you grabbed the chalk and said: i know how to make an e now. but i start with the ... then the ..., wait it's missing this (the vertical line)... now the .... you did it!! you wrote your name for the first time that i know of. and it was the first 'e' i've ever seen. i asked you if your seño taught you how to do it and you said nope, that i had taught you how. wow.

one hour later, a beautiful sunny day, me sitting on our favourite lawn chair on the front lawn, you on my lap, wearing your helmet, your cape, the pants you haven't taken off in several months, the white long-sleeve shirt you haven't taken off in several weeks, your white shoes with cordones, and constantly pulling your white socks all the way up to your knees. the two of us peeling a mandarine and grabbing sections to eat and spit out the seeds 'for the pájaros and the hormigas'. such yumminess.

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