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boo :(

Thursday, June 18, 2009

once again, no time for a real post, but a mini-update maybe i can squeeze in. all is well and fine, or at least my mood is at this particular moment, but i am missing having friends and being able to get out and about on my own in the city. here we are all hunkered down because of swine flu, plus i never go to the city anyways and when i do i have to run around like crazy and lug the baby everywhere and i don't know where to go to get or do anything anyways...

i am bored and frustrated with our only friends here - m. and l. they don't listen, especially m., and they don't seem to show any interest in knowing anything about us (especially me, but maybe i'm just extra-sensitive, f. thinks). they love us and want us and our kids to be a part of their lives, which is great. but can only go so far. it's hard to be around Such Great Parents all the time. if we could just talk about all the stuff that comes up with the kids without so much Advice coming from them, or if it came out in a different way, it would all be different. i'd still get bored talking about housecleaning and Perfect Parenting with m. all the time, even when i too am considered to be part of Padres Como Nosotros, but it would also have its good moments. it does have its good moments, in fact, but right now i'm not feeling it so much. we were talking about the monster and eating and his growth and m. weighed in with her opinion, which normally i would welcome, but it came out way too much like Words of Wisdom, without stopping even for a breath to hear what f. or i had to say.

anyways, there we go. hopefully we'll have better moments.

today was a lovely family day, out in the backyard in the lovely winter sun, the monster digging, the baby sprawled in the dirt, some mate, cleaning the house, the afternoon post-siesta at the beach, beautiful sunset, monster and baby both ate well. all good.

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