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custom-built furniture

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

what could possibly make me feel more grown-up? maybe a mortgage, but still, this is pretty big. a few weeks ago we spent $300 on a nice handmade chest of drawers (is that what they're called?). it seemed like a great deal and we needed the storage and we finally bought something we liked instead of whatever used piece of junk we could somehow cart home on a sidewalk in canada, or of course, the standard fallback option - ikea. we figure we're only going to be moving around within argentina now, so we can start buying things we actually like and cart them around to our new homes as necessary.

all this, to explain our new custom-built kitchen piece. it looks great, provides a little bar-type separator between the kitchen and the main room, and has badly needed shelves for dishes, pots, pyrex, etc. even with a cute little shelf for the cd player. only failure - in our efforts to keep it small, we didn't calculate the depth we would need for things like ladles and spatulas, and now they only fit in the drawer diagonally, without the tray we bought for them.

still, i love it. and in the eventual dream house that we will inhabit and own and love, it will be adaptable to wherever it's needed...

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