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terminal de omnibus

Saturday, June 13, 2009

through contacts (el gordo, who had gone to high school with the woman at the registro), we were told to just go to the registro civil and we could change our domicilios, without having to present any kind of documentation proving our new addresses here or anything. in fact, i could go alone and do it for both of us.

i was told that the registro was in the terminal de omnibus, and sure enough, huge terminal de omnibus sign, biggish building, and little registro office inside.

off i went, one hot morning, baby in the sling. while processing everything for me, the woman obviously tried to get as much gossip out of me as possible - why was i here, what do we do, were we going to stay, how much were we paying for rent, etc. a few fingerprints, signatures, 8 pesos, and my DNI with residency here in macondo. she did f.'s too, and said he had to go whenever he could to do the fingerprints and pay the 8 pesos. easy squeezy.

about a month later, he finally got around to getting his prints done. no problems.

while there, a man came in and asked when the next bus was coming. he was told that it was no longer the terminal, which was now in a different part of town. f. commented that it would be good to take down the sign. yeah, he was told, in fact, it hadn't been the terminal for a long time now. in fact, the sign went up after the building was no longer the terminal.



Anonymous said...

Living in Argentina is fun, isn't it? :D
Actually, this kind of incongruency can get very annoying; but survival is a little easier if you can laugh it off sometimes.

macondo mama said...

yeah, these moments can be easy to laugh off, and fun to share. still haven't figured out how to laugh them all off though...
thanks for commenting!

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