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'no se suspende por cortes de luz'

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

yeah, right. that's what the circus ad here said when we first moved here... nothing was going to get in the way of the littlest motorcycle rider ever... not even a blackout...

but in my life the only thing that doesn't suspenderse is cleaning the house and nursing the monkey. well, okay, i did actually manage to get in a walk to the beach, too. but my much-awaited 'the house is finally clean, monkey is asleep, internet is working, i have a million things i want to get done on the computer' was totally thwarted by this millionth blackout since we've been here. anyways, here i am, and all my supermama food in the freezer didn't even thaw, so all is good.

and the monster ate a good lunch! yay.

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