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Lost opportunities

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Some of the blog posts I might have written over the last ten days or so, if I hadn't been all sick and icky-feeling, and then tending to my little guys as they coughed and battled intensely with their mucous:

- The Monkey's daycare saga, Parts I, II, III, IV

- The Monkey doesn't go to daycare anymore

- Four is a delightful age

- My Monster is such a cool little kid

- Bad days for four-year-olds are intense

- Ode to Macondo Papa

- Can I take away toys used for violence and ignore requests that include yelling and growling and threats involving kaka, and still be a gentle (or sane) parent?

- Losing it with a four-year-old, many times a day

- I'm so sick of nursing my toddler. No, I'm not. Yes, I am.

- Just because it teaches kids to use condoms doesn't mean it isn't sexist and awful

My god, how do real bloggers keep up? I'm going to try to catch up with some things over the next little while. As if I didn't have a book that I'm supposed to be translating in all my abundant 'free time'.


Gappy said...

Well if you're suffering from ideas overload you can always send a few my way! I never know where my next post is coming from...

Flo said...

You're very much my idea of a real blogger! But I know what you mean about finding time. I've decided to drop down to one or two posts a week. Less pressure at this point in time has to be a good thing (and the blog was meant to be a pressure-release not the source of more).

I'd love to hear more about what's happened with your son's daycare situation when you have the time though.


macondo mama said...

Gappy - yeah, I know that feeling, too. Although usually I have lots of ideas that I don't actually feel like writing about in the tiny windows of time I have.

Flo - I will definitely be writing about the daycare thing, though it's even harder now that he isn't in daycare!

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