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Happy news in the struggle for same-sex marriage in Argentina

Thursday, May 13, 2010

So there I was, well into a way too long-winded description of my 4-year-old Monster's sometimes elusive happiness, when my day kind of fell apart. I just can't write about happiness today. Let's just say that I would be forcing it.

I'm fine. I'll be fine.

But it's not a day for writing about happiness (today's theme in the Momalom Five for Ten blogfest).

Instead, it makes me really happy to be able to share this news, which will make quite a lot of people happy:

Argentina a Step Closer to Same-Sex Marriage

I've been providing updates on this every now and then, but when it finally becomes law (and it will! and soon!) I will write some more about how the actual debate has played out in congress and the media.

This is a happy almost-ending to a whole lot of struggle. So, cheers to social struggles that make people's lives better!


Deborah said...

I'm sorry that the happy is not with you today.

kate said...

i know you must realize we all have days were happiness just can't be found. i am glad that you still shared with us--both your initial quest of the happiness post as well as some (indeed) happy news! thanks!

Jen said...

How wonderful. I'm sorry that you are not happy today, but I'm impressed that you can share news that should be happy to us all!

Anonymous said...

I, too, am sorry you aren't feeling the happy. We all have days like that. Hope you can be happy soon.
And thanks for sharing the happy news - Glad to see other countries moving forward on this! Now if we could just drag the US into the 21st century....

naptimewriting said...

I hear you on the "kicked in the head by today". Yay for Argentina, yay for other people. Hope tomorrow's better.

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