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true jungle tales

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I know it sounds a little extreme when I say I live in the jungle. It's not like I have to machete my way to the bathroom or anything. We have a car, running water, an internet connection (albeit a really really really crappy one). But recent events have made me feel more justified than ever in my jungly contentions.

As if seeing the odd howler monkey or toucan weren't enough.


Our close friends got a puppy. A little black lab. They named her Fiona, and as soon as she stopped nipping at our ankles every chance she got, she was a kid favourite.

Fiona romped around with the kids for 2 months, and then - gulp! - got eaten by an alligator in our friends' lagoon!!!!!

The monster, forever a brilliant little wordsmith, coined the new term - fyummy - and consistently uses it now when he likes the food. Little did he know.



I've done my share of trekking, hiking, camping and roughing it. I've been to some of the most beautiful places in the Americas and in Australia and New Zealand. But always with my water-proof hiking boots, high-tech backpack, super lightweight tent, miracle stove, 1st aid kit and so on . I am such a gringa that way. (Alas, I got rid of all this stuff in the big move to Argentina, except for the 1st aid of course. Again, what a gringa.).

But not now. Now I wear flip-flops in the 45° heat, and so when my friends remind me that there could be snakes (of the deadly, biting kind) on the walk to the car on the way home, they instruct me to stomp my way there to scare them away. Stomp stomp, in the tall grass, with half-asleep monkey in my arms. Scram, snakes! 


One of our current theories for why the car alarm suddenly goes off at 3am every now and then:
Assault by giant insect. I swear.


Katie said...

And to think I've been complaining about the mosquitoes... At least I don't have giant insects attacking my car and alligators eating my pets! :-0

Speaking of mosquitoes, do you have problems with dengue or yellow fever in your neck of the woods, erm, jungle?

Anonymous said...

This blog is great, the part about the giant insects made me smile.

macondo mama said...

Thanks Wiffette!

Katie - as far as I am concerned, it is always okay to complain about the mosquitoes.

We weren't hit too hard in last year's dengue outbreak, but it is definitely a concern here. Especially since I have already had dengue, which could make it infinitely worse if I get it again. For now, there are few Aedes mosquitoes here (unlike in Buenos Aires which is crawling with them!). The mosquitoes in our backyard, at least, are fierce but dengue free.

Are you too far south for dengue?

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