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A recommendation. And a toast.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

We've started drinking caipirinha on sweltering afternoons. It's a Brazilian cocktail, made with cachaça, a sugarcane-based alcohol, and lots of lime, sugar and ice.

Here we pass it around in a small, metal ice-bucket filled to the top with lime halves and ice cubes, and, being all Argentinian, we slurp it through a bombilla. (The bombilla is an essential piece of maté gear. I'm planning to share some maté tips and terminology soon). It is:
What more could you want?

And to my dear (old) friend on her birthday:

Happy birthday!

How I would love to be slurping back one of these (or anything else) with you! Even if there is chaos, kids running around, interrupting us, nursing, crying, tugging and playing, partners needing attention. If only there weren't 10,000 kilometres or so between us.

I hope you're having a great day, and that your cuties are lavishing love upon you. Sending lots of love your way -

Clink, clink.


The Golden Papaya said...

Yum! We love caipirinhas too.
Did you know you can make a 'roska from any fruit?
Caipiroska with lime, but there's also cajuroska, umburoska, acerolaroska...not sure what fruits you have there, but you get the idea.

julie said...

you are the sweetest friend ever. love, love, love you! and i miss you immensely. xoxoxoxoxo

macondo mama said...

Papaya - What a great way to try all the local fruits! A new mission I will happily take on...

Julie - xoxox

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