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Thursday, September 17, 2009

the monster went fishing for the first time this weekend. real fishing – as in a real boat, in the real water, with a real fishing rod and real bait – as opposed to the many, many, oh so many times he has fished from our staircase, in a boat on the beach, with a stick in the sandbox, and so on and so on.

jacareImage via Wikipedia
and he caught a very real piranha! several, in fact. and if f. wasn’t exaggerating – which of course he would never ever do, since it would deprive him of his very favourite thing to tease me about – they were big ones, and they were literally jumping out of the water, begging to be fished.

this all happened in our friends’ pond, where they SWIM all summer long. !!! 'no pasa nada... as long as you keep moving, they won’t bother you.' yeah, i guess their mom/mother-in-law was just being too lazy last summer when she LOST A BIT OF HER FINGERTIP. that’s, like, equivalent to 2 joints or so of the monkey’s index finger.

not to mention that all of this takes place under the watchful eyes of the pond’s many yacarés, the local ALLIGATOR. so what if they don’t bite???

if i end up swimming in the pond this summer, as my friends are convinced i will, then it will be proof that it gets really, really, really hot here.

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