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Friday, January 15, 2010

In the car, heading to our friends' place for a swim (in the pool, NOT the lagoon):

- Monster: Mommy, I'm really lucky to have you guys for my family.

Completely unsolicited, uncoached, unexpected. Yes, I melted.

Sure makes up for being growled at ferociously when the bad moods strike our little guy, who at any given moment transforms into a:
  • dinosaur
  • monster
  • lion
  • jaguar
  • hyena 
  • wolf
  • wolf-eater
  • monkey without a tail
NOTE: Make sure you ask. Nothing offends a grumpy carnivore more than mistaking it for the grumpy carnivore it was being five minutes ago.

I'm going to be making some design changes here soon. Just to let you know in case things get a bit wonky for a while.

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