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Welcome to my new site design

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ta da! 

I am very happy and a little bit terrified to present a new design for my blog.

I'm semi-satisfied with it all. I know I could have really benefited from knowing a thing or two about colour, design, and html. In my mind it is about a hundred times more attractive and original, so try to imagine that when you look at it...

But, it feels more like home now. And finally getting it out there means I can stop fiddling with it all. Unlikely, though.

There will be some new content soon too - I'm working on 'about me' and 'about macondo' pages. It's all pretty much ready, I just have to read it over another hundred times or so. And wonder some more if it's too cheesy and I should just scrap it. (About me: I am obsessive, and I tend to be cheesy.)

It's funny, orange used to be one of my least favourite colours. It's been growing on me over the last few years, and lately has zoomed into first place (in the colour race in my head). I want orange walls (well, one orange wall would do), orange towels and orange sheets. A good, strong orange. Not so much for my clothes, but for my space.

And the only thing I knew when I started this blog was that it had to be orange and brown. I am normally very indecisive, so being so sure of that is kind of strange for me. But there you have it.

I would love to know what you think, and please do let me know if you have any suggestions (content or design) or if anything isn't working or seems wrong.


Anonymous said...

I did not see the blog before the re-design, but I like your look. And I share your thoughts on orange. In the past, it was not my colour at all. But increasingly, I love it. I'm the same with yellow, too. I think I crave brightness in my life in a way that I didn't when I was younger.

Deborah said...

It looks very nice indeed. Nice touches - the photos with the "psts you might like" links at the bottom, and the brilliant orange.

Hmmm.... makes me think I could do with some more excitement over at my place.

Flo said...

Looks great. I also like the "posts you might like". I'm glad you kept the splayed frog image. I don't know why but I love that.

And now I'm feeling the urge to renovate too (but that would mean learning new stuff, ouch, my brain).

Katie said...

I dig the new look! The orange was a bold choice, but I think it works. Congrats!

I would like to suggest that you put the search box much closer to the top of your page. No one is going to think to look for it in the footer.

macondo mama said...

Thanks everyone!

Amber - yes, yellow has grown on me too, but orange wins...

Deborah and Flo - I should warn you that it is a total time suck, this designing and tweaking thing. But I learned a lot.

Katie - thanks, good suggestion, I've moved the search box up.

Darryl Tay said...

I think your use of color is quite good! Warm palettes actually attract visitors better than cool palettes. Some people underestimate the power of keeping things simple. A simple design with a color theme that is attention-grabbing does wonders when it comes impressing visitors.

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