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macondo mama goes urban

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Okay. I mentioned that something was up. I've been hoping to get a bit of time to sit down and write this properly. You know, go out with a bang. Reflect on stuff.

But I should have known that was never going to happen.

So here's the deal. We've been here in Macondo for over a year. We've loved it, been frustrated with it, struggled to figure it out, and laughed and cried and shrugged our shoulders at it. And now we're leaving.

We had always planned to move away from here, but we thought we would give it another two years or so and get the most out of our time with the whole 'small children frolicking on the beach' thing. Then two things happened:
  • We never found enough work to make ends meet
  • We got jobs in a pretty cool city that we're excited to live in
Sooooooo, the Macondo family is going urban!

Once we finish packing, cleaning, selling, shipping, house-hunting, school-scouting, job-training, unpacking and settling in, I will breathe again and look around and realize that I have bookstores, theatres, kids' activities, public transportation, veggie empanadas, fast internet and maybe even potential FRIENDS all around me. And, I will not have to commute anywhere to finally get my hair cut.

I'm excited.

I am also really, really busy. In addition to all the packing, moving, settling and so on, there is the tiny little detail that I have two small kids. One that deals TERRIBLY with change, and the other that demands BOOBY several hundred times a day. Oh, and I have to hand in the first half of the book that I'm translating next week.

Oh! And try getting anything done in Argentina the first week of the World Cup! UTTER MADNESS.

[UPDATED TO ADD: It should be no surprise, really, that telos are offering super discount rates during Argentina's games, along with complimentary champagne and an Argentina jersey. I doubt they're finding many takers, though. World Cup soccer trumps even sex, don't you know.]

Anyways, all this to say that I am, sadly, going to leave my beloved Mama in Macondo blog right here in Macondo. Realistically, I won't be able to keep up with blogging for quite some time, and I need all the energy and focus I can muster for everything else going on in my life.

I have so loved creating this space and filling it with little pieces of me. Maybe I'll still go through my days composing snippets of blog posts in my head, but if not, I'll miss that. And I will really miss looking forward to and receiving your comments and emails. This has been such an important part of my Macondo adventure. Really.

I have also discovered many others who write so much better and more honestly and creatively than I ever could, and from whom I learn and take comfort and find inspiration (see my list of links in the sidebar). So I take that with me, and I'll continue to read along, probably with a huge case of blog envy.

Thanks so much to all of you for joining me here in Macondo!

And, I can't resist. Here are two more recent articles about Argentina you might be interested in:

A second independence for Argentina

Argentina's Bicentennial: Indigenous Tell Another History


Deborah said...

Oh! All the very, very best for your move, and for your new life in the city.

But I will miss you! If you do open up a new blog, to reflect the new city, will you put a post here, so I know where to find you? Pleeeeaaaase? Because I have enjoyed reading your posts very, very much.

Heather said...

wow, all that stuff on your doorstep - i can only dream of being somewhere so urban - sounds wonderful. Enjoy the move as best you can and let us know where we can find you if you pick up blogging again once things have settled down.

Anonymous said...

hey i found your blog 3 days ago and you do _this_ to me? unfair, unfair.

all the best, anyway ;)

Elisa, Croatia said...

I agree with Deborah and Heather.

Enjoy your new life in the city.

Flo said...

Congratulations on the move, that sounds so exciting for you. I am oh so sad that I won't be reading your posts any more. I think you're a great writer and I really love your perspective on things. I really hope I bump into your work again one day in the future.
Flo xx

Anonymous said...

Have a GREAT time! Keep my email address and keep me posted. You;re wrong that others write better. I enjoy reading your blog. Start another blog once you get settled!

Anonymous said...

You seem a creative and interesting writer to us. What will we do now?

All the best for the move and your new life, the blog has been fantastic! Hope we can find the next one..


Katie said...

Best of luck to you with the move! I echo the sentiments of others when I say that your writing will be missed. Do let us know if you decide to pick things back up again! ¡Suerte!

Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip said...

Awwwwwww!! I'm sad to see you go (from the blogosphere I mean) and I will miss you and all your colorful adventures. But I am happy that you are having more real life adventures and also ones that are good for your family. Great news!! Congratulations and enjoy your next journey. Que le vaya muy bien!

macondo mama said...

Thanks so much everybody! I will be sure to let you all know when I come back to the blog, and I will beg you to join me again.

Naptime: Could you send me your email address? Blogger doesn't give me access to it, and I have something I want to send you.

Bye bye blog.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck in your next big adventures!

Anonymous said...

Hola, your blog was a recent find for me, I've enjoyed reading your posts and am sorry it's on hold, at least for now.

We hosted an AFS student from Argentina, his fmaily is now our family and we've come to love the coutnry too.

Buena suerte con los siguientes pasos.

Edie Mindell said...

Hi. Goodluck on your new life in the city with your family. I hope all will go well and you'll be settled and adjusted in just a short time.:-) Would love to see your new posts then.:-)

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Frederick Guyton said...
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