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Waiting and wallowing in the shitty

Friday, April 23, 2010

I am sick today. Looks like strep.

I'm all alone, all ache-y and groan-y, and surprised and relieved that Macondo Papa found a way to keep both kids out of the house all day. (Wow, I haven't nursed Monkey in over eight hours, and counting!)

A few days ago, I wrote about how I was feeling pretty down. I got some great advice from two of my favourite bloggers, counselling me basically to wait, wallow and embrace the shitty.

Well, it would appear that my body took heed of these wise words and has given me a really fantastic reason to feel like shit. Bodies are great that way.

But all kidding aside, my body often finds a way to render me bed-ridden when things feel like a bit too much, and until now, it has worked. (With the exception of when I had dengue fever), I eventually emerge from my sweaty sheets or my crazy-making itchies with renewed energy and a fresh perspective.

Even I knew that what would help was some alone time. It would have been better if it could have been while strolling along the beach, or burying myself in a good book (aahhh, that sounds heavenly), but I am going to take what I can get.

For example? A whole blog post started and finished on the same day, in just about 15 minutes, with no interruptions. Unbelievable..


Deborah said...

My body has done that to me in the past too.

A few years back, I crashed quite badly (uncontrollable weeping, stress leave from work, eventually resigned from that job). In the weeks when I was on leave, I did a lot of knitting. The physical activity was exactly what I needed to replace the mental stress at that time.

Flo said...

I was just thinking about that today - how concentrating on the physical can really help to get through the mental difficulties.

I was trying to think of a good response to your last post but well, I was feeling too crappy and weepy and generally uninspired to add anything worthwhile at all.

The alone time sounds wonderful. And having a specific job to do (like resting to get over your illness) can be a good way to pull through the low moments (days, weeks).

Definitely sounds like you need a little time away from home though. Any chance of a holiday soon?

Anonymous said...

Well, i certainly didn't wish *this* on you! Poor Mama, what a freaking adding-insult-to-injury kind of germ this is. Strep sucks. Being sick when you feel like your life is in a spiral really sucks.
Sorry your body is on strike. This makes it official, though, it's bed and books and television time for a while. Hide out...maybe your fever will roast the existential crisis out of you.

Heather said...

As awful as it feels, I'm laid up with bad flu myself right now, the down time could be a good thing. Hope you feel better soon.

macondo mama said...

Deborah: Bodies are weird (wise?) that way. For me it is a definite pattern that I've noticed. How wonderful that knitting helped you so much. And I bet you got some great scarves and other goodies in the process.

Flo: Hugs! I hope that you're feeling a little better.

As I write this, I realize that my body going on strike when I am down is kind of the flip side of feeling good when I am getting lots of exercise. Preventive medicine.

A holiday would be preventive medicine, too, you're right. We're going to try to take a little trip to Buenos Aires in July, but not much else on the horizon for now.

Naptime: Can you believe that I spent an entire day alone, in bed, "roasting my existential crisis", and I FORGOT THAT WE JUST GOT CABLE the day before. I could have spent the whole day trashing out, for the first time in years. Holy lost opportunity, Naptime.

Anonymous said...

A magical childhood is either something that you have whilst your parents are busy elsewhere (me) or created by your parents (spouse)...very individual it seems.

Get well soon,

Nathalie St-Pierre Roths said...

Hope you will feel better. I was feeling the same way months ago and feeling down and getting sick all the time. I tried acupuncture and it gave me so much energy... and happiness too!

I don't know if you ever tried it but I have recommended it to many people and they all agreed it works!

Best of luck!

macondo mama said...

Hi Nathalie, thanks for your comment.

The few times I have tried acupuncture, I agree that it has really worked very well for me. But to say that I don't enjoy it is a huge understatement. I'm not sure the stress and creepiness of needles is worth it for me right now. Overall, I've been pretty healthy lately (and am quickly on the mend right now), but if I were to start getting sick all the time or to have something chronic, it would definitely be on my list.

Thanks for the suggestion - and glad to hear about your energy and happiness! I'm hoping a new routine of short morning walks/runs might help get me there too.

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