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The longest transition

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I've been waiting for the Monkey's daycare situation to be resolved before recounting the saga here, but now I am wondering: is that ever going to happen??? 

Here we are, daycare #3 since school started in March, and we are trying, patiently, to transition him in without any excessive heart-wrenching-ness.  We stay with him, slowly trying to interact less and less so that he can interact more and more with his teacher. We stand around like trees in the playground, crouch on kiddie chairs during craft-time and snack-time, linger at the back of the line to see if he will go willingly back into the room without us...

One day there's progress, the next day he's clingy. And so on. And so on.

And then!

Then there is conjunctivitis, abundant eye goop, and he is at home. One day, two days, (how many more days?), letting all our "progress" slip away, waiting for the green eye boogers to go away before we can start the whole thing again.

Good thing we are so chronically under-employed, I guess, and can drag out this horrible transition-adaptation-separation thing to such a painfully boring and unproductive extent.


Anonymous said...

Aw, that is HARD. I'm sorry this is dragging on so long for you. I hope that your Monkey settles in somewhere, and soon.

Flo said...

I really feel for you. We had the same thing happen with our son. It's much, much better now but it took a while. We still need a very strict and complicated farewell routine (kisses on both cheeks, the nose, the left eye, a snuggle and the left eye again - I kid you not!). But it's definitely better. Hope your situation improves soon (whatever your weird rituals turn out to be).

macondo mama said...

Flo - your ritual sounds great. How old was your son when he started? I would be happy to adopt any ritual that does not involve extended crying and unhappiness. Maybe we'll try some eye kisses.

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