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Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's probably breaking some important blogging Rule, but I am re-posting something that is only just over a month old.   Thinking about the Love It Up challenge at Momalom, I realized that this is the only real love letter I have probably ever written. That is so not cool. Poor Macondo Papa. 

Writing a love letter for Valentine's Day would just be laughably ridiculous in my we're-too-cool-for-Valentine's-Day relationship. But the occasional love letter just because - how sweet would that be?

I wrote this love letter to him on our 11th anniversary. It's pretty tame I guess, but I like it, and he really liked it too (even though I had to explain 'crunchy' and 'mushy' -- some of our most romantic moments have been punctuated with vocabulary lessons). I will hereby write more love letters (yet another reason Macondo Papa should be happy I'm getting all into this blogging thing)...


Such yumminess
I am deeply in love with my partner - Macondo Papa. Enamorada. (Some things sound better in Spanish.)

We met 11 years ago today, on a long-distance, overnight bus in southern Mexico. We have since been to 8 countries together, lived in 4 cities and 7 houses. We have officially immigrated to each other's countries. We have been travelers, students, unemployed, under-employed, self-employed, over-employed, co-employed. We have two little boys. We are family.

We fall in and out of magic - or rather, we fall into magic and slip out of it, and, thankfully, deliciously, fall into it yet again. But my deep, true love for him never wavers. There isn't a drop in me that doesn't love him totally. There are so few things that I know with such certainty.

He is smart, beautiful, real, funny and loving. He is passionate and brave. He sings. He whistles. He has gorgeous eyes (and eyebrows!), a killer smile, and perfect hands. He is the most open-minded, open-hearted partner, lover, papa, thinker and political being.

He is not crunchy, or mushy, like me. He is yummy. He is sharp and cynical and critical and delightfully anti-social. He is full of edges. He challenges me. I fall short of him in so many ways.

I am so lucky.

F: Te amo.


Sarah said...

Ooo, I'm sorry I'm so late in getting here - was away for the weekend - but I'm here now! And this IS yummy, just like your guy. Reading about this kind of love makes me feel gooey and romantic, and who doesn't like feeling that?

I love this: "He is full of edges." It says SO much.

Thank you for linking up to Love It Up!! And yay yay yay for love. :)

Liz said...

I love this! I, too, wrote a love letter to my enamorado...and posted it for the Love It Up challenge (I also used "deliciously"! How funny is that?): A Private Love Letter for the World To Read. It was the first time I'd put my feelings for him OUT there for everyone to see. It was wonderful. We are lucky. Now we just have to remember to keep fanning the flames so they never die out. Beautiful, beautiful letter.

macondo mama said...

Thanks for commenting, Liz. We really are so lucky. Fanning the flames is so important, though these days our focus is often more on surviving sleep deprivation... I'm off to read your letter now.

Jen said...

Yes yes yes. I read this last week. Yumminess. I love it. I think it says so much when we use culinary words to describe our emotional love. This is wonderful. Thank you!

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