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Language learning is all about exposure. How revealing...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

For example, when I say we have a lot of power outages here, I mean really, we really really do.

My little monkey -- not quite a year and a half, just starting to speak his first words -- has his own toddler Macondo version of the power went out! In Spanish, of course.

The lights dim and go out, the fan stops, the hum of the refrigerator goes silent, and the little monkey looks around and says:

"ohhhh, se cortó"

It's all about exposure, right? Back in Canada, my friends' toddlers are probably saying things like "it's slushy today" and "organic yogourt".

Well, the monkey's almost-4-year-old brother says, in his endearing Spanish:

"I'm so hungry I could shit all over the noodles!"
"tengo un hambre que voy a cagar en todos los fideos"

(People swear a lot in Spanish. 'People' meaning everyone, in general, and also everyone in this family. That does not, however, mean we normally threaten to shit on our food. I promise.)


As my bilingual little monkey's language continues to develop, I am dutifully writing down his new words and will post an updated list like this one soon.


TKW said...

Now THAT is a phrase for the baby book, wouldn't you agree?

macondo mama said...

Absolutely, TKW. It's right after the monster's first shower with his papa since he was a baby:

'Papa, your balls are dripping!'

Hobo Mama said...

Those are all excellent phrases! Loving the local color.

macondo mama said...

Ha - yes, it's all very colourful. Let's see if the preschool teachers love it too.

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