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In which we narrowly escape buying girl things for a boy - shopkeeper to the rescue!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Me: I'd like to order the full list of school supplies for my kid in junior kindergarten at [XYZ] school. I can pick it up tomorrow morning.

Her: Sure, let me just check if we have a set ready and you can take it now. For a boy or a girl?

Me: A boy, but that doesn't matter, I'll take a girl one if you've got it ready.

Her: [after checking] We only have a girl one ready, so I'll prepare one for you for tomorrow.

Me: I really don't mind. We don't care about that stuff. What is the difference? Will his teacher really care?

Her: Don't worry, I'll have it for you tomorrow.

Me: No, really, just give me the girl one. It's fine.

Her: Don't worry, señora, it will be ready tomorrow.

Me: No, that's OK. I'll take the girl one.

Her: Don't worry, señora, it will be ready tomorrow.

It was as if I could not possibly be saying what I was saying. La la la la la - I can't hear you.

It's a good thing the monster has shopkeepers and kindergarten teachers everywhere working hard to ensure nothing pink or fairy-like ever come anywhere near him. And, of course, that girls have access to nothing but.

Phew, that was a close one.

I'm not sure how much or for how long I would have had to insist, to actually be allowed to purchase the forbidden girl supplies. I'm not sure if I gave up because the monkey was restless and I had to go, or because I am not entirely convinced that the monster will be okay with me making my point at his expense (and for his sake).


On Tuesday, the monster started kindergarten and the monkey started daycare. Back to school.

This means things to buy, routines out-of-whack, and not much work getting done by this supposedly working-at-home mom. And, of course, renewed contact with that world out there that seems to want my kids to play with swords and eat cheesies and scorn girly things.

It also means kids getting bigger, milestones to mark, and, eventually, bits and pieces of alone time for me.

Which comes down to this: content for my blog. Eventually.


Naptimewriting said...

mmmmmm...heaven. School, daycare, alone time, and a GUARANTEE that you won't have gender inappropriate school supplies ruining your son's entire life.
Don't worry, senora, indeed.

macondo mama said...

I know, it sounds pretty good, doesn't it? Great to know that others have my back.

School and daycare here are only half days, so it's just a few precious hours of heaven I can savour while my kids are appropriately indoctrinated.

Thanks for commenting, Naptime, and for the link!

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