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Sneezing for laughs

Monday, December 14, 2009

How I love these quirky, intimate moments with the little ones.

On the drive home from our friends' place, the monkey starts crying and doesn't stop. Since Macondo Papa isn't there, and I'm driving, I can't climb into the back seat on the go and smush my boob into his mouth while he's strapped into his car seat (sounds really safe, I know).

The monster and I try singing to him, playing the kiddie CD that's already in the CD player (maria elena walsh =  brilliant) and finally hit on the one thing that has always managed to get a good laugh out of him.

We start sneezing.

Ha-choo. Ha-choo! Ha-ha-ha-CHOO!

And since we're a bilingual family:

Ha-chis! Ha-ha-chis! HA-CHISSS!

And so on. (You might not have known that ha-choo in Spanish is ha-chis. I try to keep my blog educational...)

Well, it didn't have him hysterical with laughter like it usually does, but he stopped crying for the remaining 15 minutes of the drive.

And the monster and i had a pretty good time of it too.


julie said...

my peanut thinks sneezing is hilarious too. sometimes she fake sneezes, and she thinks it's the best joke ever. too bad we don't live closer so monkey and peanut could share a laugh over sneezing together.

macondo mama said...

i would so love to be close enough for the little ones to sneeze together. and to know little things about your peanut like the fact that she fake sneezes. i miss you guys!

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