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a great day

Thursday, July 2, 2009

unfortunately no time for the long, rambling entry that i feel like writing. i also feel like getting into bed while f. is still awake. all the schools have been cancelled until after winter vacation - 4 weeks - because of swine flu. this instilled a great deal of panic in me and led to a few terrible days of me feeling like a terrible parent, the monster being bored and restless, and my rhythm with the monkey and the house and writing and emailing and exercising going way downhill. not that it was all sorted out, but it was going somewhere.

anyways, today was awesome, the monster did an adorable trabajito with me in the morning, then for a walk with his papi and saw a toucan and collected leaves and branches and things. i played with the monkey in the sun, went walking (all he wants to do), and cleaned up a bit. during naptime i went for a run! the first time since i've been here! it felt so good, and i want to do it as much as i can. just me on the beach in the sun, running, stretching, 45 minutes alone! wow. then i took the monster for a walk, we went to the librería and bought some materials (they didn't have half of what i wanted) to start a School is Cancelled scrapbook with the monster, documenting his activities.

i want to write about the past few days, what's been getting me down, hard to put my finger on but writing would help i'm sure. but the big picture: 2 awesome kids, f. is awesome, this place is beautiful. i keep coming back to that, even though i sometimes find the day to day challenging/difficult.

okay, it'll have to wait.

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